4radio.net  Your sound on-air 4radio is 24/7 via the website 4radio.net and the 4radio App. You can be on air for one hour or more, each day, each week or month realizing your ambitions to be in front of an audience and grow your own audience by simply pointing them to the website or App for your show. 4radio lets you get your sound on the air. You may be a DJ who wants an audience, so take up your slot and you're on the air! Folk, jazz, gospel, maybe old fashioned fairground organs, stories, radio drama.. 4radio gives everyone a platform..... How does it work? Contact us to discuss your ideal slot. You may fancy doing a daily Breakfast Show, Morning Show, or perhaps just an hour in the evening of your specialist content. We will find you a slot that's right for you. Depending on the time of the slot you book, and the length and frequency of the booking our Ratecard works for you.