Prepare your one hour program into two 29 minute & 30 second segments. The first break should be at 29mins and 30secs and the second at 59mins and 30secs. These breaks are used for station identification and listener information.


Name the files with your name and the number of the segment - i.e. johnsmith1.mp3 - johnsmith2.mp3

If you purchased more than one hour continue the numbering sequence.


Open Dropbox and upload the files and share them with studio@4radio.net

(If you don't have Dropbox its free and available to download follow the link to Dropbox Basic.

Once we've checked your programme we'll send you confirmation of your Broadcast slot and a PayPal payment link. You can pay with any Credit or Debit Card and you will receive a Payment Receipt from PayPal. We're unable to broadcast your show until payment is made in full.


*Remember to email us first to book your slot.